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Nov. 30th, 2015

I've fallen out of watching much TV of late - while I was away from the UK I didn't have any days (barring AU VVC in August <3) where I felt able to sit down and catch up on things, and now that I'm back I've taken on a lot of hourly-paid work because paying rent is fun.

(Plus, getting settled back in and working out post-PhD life is exhausting. Looking at ads for academic jobs, non-academic jobs, chatting with established academics about research funding, following up on academic things from July and earlier, getting off my ass to send abstracts to conferences, finishing a paper I owe for publication, learning the curriculum I'm teaching next term... exhausting.)

HOWEVER I have been watching the first season of The Man From UNCLE because Robert Vaughn makes great faces.

Then I started screengrabbing those great faces (and other things that made me laugh). Since that kind of delight shouldn't be limited to my hard drive or DMs, I started a sideblog. I haven't done fandom this way before. I'm enjoying it.

It's been fascinating. In all my time in fandom, I've tiptoed around the edges, not really making anything. So this creating-content thing is new to me. I'd tagged the first few posts because that felt like what I was supposed to do, and I'm surprised that the sideblog has followers now. It's been followed by a pair (...? trio?) of Russian MUNCLE fans on tumblr, which is neat.

I'm also learning the thrill of reading others' comments as fans I don't know reblog my posts. (I solemnly swear to leave more comments on fic.) Occasionally someone's comment describes the context of the shot, which is fun because I'm only including the episode title in each post. I feel I'm learning a lot about the MUNCLE fandom on tumblr, and how well-known some shots (apparently) are.

Also fascinating is how much management/curation I'm letting myself do. I've queued posts (trying to limit myself to three caps per episode!), and I'm making an effort to have a variety of posts (not just two-shots), and just shuffled my queue so that I won't have a week of kinda-similar shots all in a row. I've got enough posts queued to take me through mid-December, but I'll probably watch/cap more every couple days, and be able to walk away and let the queue do its thing.

So yeah - haven't tried to do fandom this way before! Also, after watching pretty closely I can thoroughly recommend the first-season episode 'The Fiddlesticks Affair' (1.16) as a starting point for anyone interested in the MUNCLE series who wants to jump right in and skip the Illya-light series start.

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Dec. 1st, 2015 10:05 am (UTC)
Advent calendar, I love it! Hee!

Time is definitely a problem, especially when someone updates their recs site and you end up starting a 150K novel at midnight. This morning has been a struggle. /o\
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