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Mar. 31st, 2015

Hello! I am tired.

Thursday I'd agreed to help a friend format his thesis (he's a good guy, and was expecting a few more weeks/months to get things in order). We worked until 1am, and he got everything in on Friday, so YAY US. ...tired, though. This was after I spent a full working day wrestling with thesis tweaks and changes.

Friday I ran onto campus, picked up something (what thing? I'm not sure if I even needed the thing? I can't remember.) and then left within an hour to grab lunch and a train into Birmingham, where I had a meeting. During the meeting I joked "so am I hired?", and yeah: I've got a bit of work until the end of June, running around archives and writing a funding bid that'll include a postdoc job (for me!, hello incentives). After that I made it to dinner with friends, and we saw a film at the Flatpack Festival (A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night, which was gorgeous but thin on plot), and I got home just before 1am.

Saturday I went to Liverpool for a hen/bachelorette party, so ALL THE SOCIALISING ALL THE TIME with added costumes, vodka shots, and seriously non-ending bottles of prosecco. Also dinner in there somewhere. It was fun.

Sunday STILL WITH PEOPLE and definitely feeling draggy even though I'd switched to water well into the evening.

Monday (yesterday) early Theatre Job shift (7am start), meaning Sunday night's collapse-into-bed-at-8pm made waking up at 4:30am less horrible than it usually is. It was a quiet day on shift (good for de-socialising) but still: long day. Tidied up some final thesis bits. Realised I hadn't paid attention when signing timesheet on Friday, and so this month's cheque will make it 8 weeks' pay for 9 weeks' teaching (but the admin is on leave this week so it's too late for an answer/change - probably so I get some pay in while marking, but sheesh).

TODAY: early Theatre Job (again, ugh gross), only 4hrs sleep, got thesis to printer in between unlocking the building and starting the day's tasks, organised film screening for Thursday night (Snowpiercer), finished and printed thesis-resubmission-memo-of-changes, emailed estate agent re: WHEN WILL MY SHOWER BE FIXED IT'S BEEN TWO WEEKS, and also AND WHAT ££ WILL I BE REFUNDED FOR THE INCONVENIENCE* (*didn't email all shouty), and communicated efficiently and effectively with campus security re: the gallery hasn't been burgled but B did trip the alarm when unlocking sorry.

Now I'm waiting for my colleague to do me a massive favour and bring by some blank CDs for the final bit of the resubmission package; provided the printers stick to their posted schedule, I should have my thesis printed and ready to resubmit by the end of today's work day.

And then tomorrow early I'm going to get contacts fitted (woo adventures with astigmatism). After the last couple early days, sleeping in until 8 sounds like a luxury.

(Having a working shower = WOULD BE EVEN BETTER)

But after that, I don't think I need to be anywhere until the Thursday night film screening. And then it's Easter! And then I'll be in London next Tuesday, and... kind of at my new job (!) come Wednesday.

The new job (!!) is really exciting (because it's more paid professional development than actual work, and makes me jump into local television history with both feet - required archive visits!, screening old documentaries!, scouring transmission logs for airdates and cross-referencing them with contemporary newspaper accounts!, literature reviews!!!), but it's also slightly infuriating in how I got it: it's one of those unadvertised positions where a friend recommended me and I didn't have a job interview that you'd recognise as such. I replied to an email with "yes I'm interested and available, here's my CV" and one phone call later I'm sitting in New Boss's office taking incomprehensible notes and making arrangements to do all the HR paperwork after Easter. *hands*

When I met my friends for dinner afterward, they commented that I looked stunned. Well, yeah: after last summer's adventures with job applications, this was painless.

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Mar. 31st, 2015 10:08 pm (UTC)
Sleeep......if it was a purchasable commodity..i would purchase it in the tonnage.
Apr. 4th, 2015 08:48 am (UTC)
Goodness me, yes.
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