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Saga updates:

Bathroom: half-painted yesterday (yay!). I hope today he'll be back to a) sand things down and do a second coat, because yikes, b) re-hang all the things he took down.

Today was supposed to be the rescheduled installation of the new floor, but who knows when that'll happen, if the previous stuff isn't done.

Thesis: still in limbo. True to his word, the examiner got in touch! Unfortunately it was to say he's still stuck in bed, hasn't finished reading my thesis yet, but will have more of an update in a few days.

(I wish he'd tip his hand a bit - is he going to pass it? Is he going to reject the corrections and render the last five years of my life null and void? Ditto the other examiner. Does she accept the changes? She was careful not to say anything when I ran into her last week.)

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More thrilling adventures...

Hello internet!

Nothing has changed on my last two sagas (no info on examiner's state of health*, maybe today something will be done to my bathroom...?), and technically I've been working four jobs, if you count being - on paper - a full-time student as a full-time job**.

*We're assuming he's still alive because we haven't heard anything different! *lolsob*

**student, multiple roles at the theatre (counting each separately, idk, it's like eight jobs), research assistant, STILL TEACHING BECAUSE HELLO EXAMS TO MARK...

I saw Mad Max: Fury Road and liked it. I'd like to see it again, because I know my response was a bit lukewarm (because of exhaustion).

VidUKon is next month and some of the vidshows made me squeak with anticipation.

I need to book a bunch of flights and do a stack of life admin stuff this weekend, but tomorrow I'm away all day at a conference. My to-do list is extensive, and I've got a spinning-wheels sensation this month, like I'm really really busy but not getting anywhere.

Later this afternoon I'm practising a conference paper I'll be giving next Wednesday, which means I need to use the afternoon to write the presentation. I know the material really well, but I need to focus long enough to organise my thoughts.

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Saga updates

Saga one (bathroom): I still have no complete bathroom floor, and the holes in the walls are still there. Someone has been by to offer a quote on the work, and apparently they're going to replace the living room floor while they're at it. Nooooo, I want to say, Please noooo. Just finish the bathroom please. (Update: just got an email to say that someone is going to come by tomorrow to quote for the bathroom floor. ARGH.)

Saga two (education): this morning I learned that the external examiner of my thesis is in the middle of [serious urgent medical situation]. Understandably that means I probably won't have a response (positive or otherwise) to the resubmission within the usual two months' time frame (eg. within the next couple weeks). That means it's really highly unlikely that I'll be graduating this summer. We might have to find an alternative examiner if this one isn't able to complete the examination, but at this point it's just... wait until the end of the month like I'd originally expected, and work from there.

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Day 29 of no working shower, and... my bathroom is slowly being transformed! There's been tiling, and a new sink, and yesterday a new toilet (installed at a slightly different angle, why.), so it's about 50% nice new shiny white clean yes nice and 50% beige/tan/lime green dusty dirty manky slightly rotten.

I still haven't seen the work order, so every day is a bit of a surprise. (There's a new shelf behind the new toilet! okay then.) I was told the work would take a week, but it looks like there's slightly more than two days' work left. Possibly. What else will get replaced or painted? Will the weird dent in the wall behind the ancient extendo-arm shaving mirror be fixed? What's going to happen with the floor (currently three kinds of flooring visible, including the big ol' Victorian floorboards)?

*ANTICIPATES*, basically.

And - I know you're all super-interested in this - turns out it wasn't a soft toilet seat, but one of those annoying slow-close ones. RELIEF.

Thrill-a-minute, my life.

I'm mostly looking forward to being able to shower at home. It's been 29 days, people. TWENTY-NINE.

IN OTHER NEWS I've been pushing myself to finish a draft of a very short bit of academic writing (in my head, I'm calling it a micro-paper) to be shared w/ colleagues for feedback this afternoon. I am exhausted.

Tomorrow though, tomorrow I've had enough of getting up a bit too early to get out of the flat because it's weird being home when dudes are working in the bathroom. Tomorrow I'm going to sit on my couch, play the fuck out of Mass Effect, and maybe put on my slightly less sloppy pjs on account of there being strangers around.

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Apr. 12th, 2015

Day 25* of no-working-shower; day 3 of nothing-in-the-bathroom-but-a-toilet. Dudes are in today (Sunday!) plastering the recently-exposed brickwork, so I've taken myself to campus to print a few things, upload yesterday's Adventures With Microfilm**, and use the shower in the Theatre Studies changing rooms.

*I counted! My, how time flies.
**Living in the future: the new microform readers are hooked up to widescreen PC monitors and you can scan (basically screengrab) all you want. Magical.

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One weird thing: with every Shower Update I've been tweeting, I'd get at least one reply saying like "how dare they expect you to pay full rent through this". I got the impression that it would be kind of normal to expect some kind of rebate, or not unusual to ask for one. And yet, the responses to my "I have asked for some kind of rebate" got replies that seemed surprised/impressed that I'd asked. Twitter, you confuse me. (I have been promised some money back.)

In other news, after last weekend's "I watched all 50+ eps of Steven Universe" adventure, I only have the "giant woman" song in my head like 10% of the time. (Highly recommended.)

Also I have apparently become my RL social circle's accidental Fast and Furious series evangelist. It's weird (but cool!) to find my opinion respected such that a surprising number of friends have gone off to watch all six (and now seven) films, based on saying "You'll be pleasantly surprised by the series". *hands*

Professionally, I've got a super-exciting chance at a short-but-very-visible publication derived from my thesis and I've been enjoying getting into my New Research Job. However, this week's plan is to watch at least one of the things on my to-watch list. This might even mean not staying on campus through dinner and having evenings. Exciting!

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Exciting plumbing update

Good news! After 3+ weeks of broken shower fun times, this morning (at 8am!) guys turned up to start tearing out my bathroom. (Somehow a leak into the flat below has turned into NEW BATHROOM, idk.) It's still going to likely be a full month (17 March to 17 April) of showering elsewhere and taking far too long to wash my hair at home.

Bad news! After 10 days of post- thesis resubmission running around (WHAT DO I DO WITH THIS MENTAL ENERGY?!) today I wanted to continue yesterday afternoon's excellent plan of sleeping in a sunbeam and doing nothing. But alas: there's a dude tearing out my bathroom. Hibernation: denied.

The guy this morning was like, I am taking all the bathroom! And I was like, really all of it? And he was like, yes! And I was like, even the toilet? And he was like, I will call my boss!

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Mar. 18th, 2015

I might (maybe just maybe) have a full draft of a corrected thesis today or tomorrow (probably tomorrow). That means I can shove all (*checks*) 369 pages* at my supervisor for her to read carefully/side-eye/annotate for typos**, and then she'll throw it back to me, and maybe by Easter I'll have this mess re-submitted officially.

While I really want to graduate in the summer, a lot will depend on a) the next couple of weeks of fine-tuning wording, and b) the goodwill of the examiners and graduate school to read, pass, and process this damn thesis in time to graduate. From how last September/October shook out, I'm so very cynical about the official admin end of things moving swiftly.

(I've either run out of emotion to spend on worrying, or I'm wound so tight I've reached some kind of inverted-stress zen space where worrying is a new normal. Probably the latter.)

*To be fair, 50 of those pages are references, title pages, lists of figures, various -ographies (bibli-, film-, etc.); also it's likely to be 370 pages by the time I'm through with it today. But for now, 369. I made the right margin a little smaller than my first submission attempt to keep the page count down, shhhh don't tell anyone. ETA: actually, it turned out to be 368 pages? And I didn't delete anything. This is what happens when you format figures to flow in line with the text, people. Chaos! Anarchy!

**You know how Word will flag people's names as misspelled? There are many many people's names in those 369 pages, and after a point Word's spell check function just gives up trying to keep up with the names and jargon. Once Word has had enough, it pops up a little bitter message saying there are too many spelling errors and YOU'RE ON YOUR OWN BUDDY. It's amazing to discover how trained I've become to wait for word processors to tell me when my fingers have typed something my brain didn't intend.

And to make the week more interesting, my flat is currently without a working shower. One of the reasons that sucks (...beyond the obvious) is I use shower time as thinking time. Y U DISRUPTED, ROUTINE. >:(

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Mar. 14th, 2015

I don't remember the first Terry Pratchett book I read. It doesn't really matter - I've loved his characters and world-building and horrible puns and anger and biting social satire and deft hand at parody long enough that an origin story won't add anything to this post. As I said on Twitter, he's left us lots to remember him by.

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Mar. 12th, 2015

Sometimes I'm just like, "No: I can totally fit more commas in this sentence. And it's not even a list!"

Because sometimes I just don't care.

Living dangerously, living on the edge. The edge of grammar.

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